May 28, 2022

Platos Drawing Of Atlantis. Around 360 bce, plato told the story of atlantis. That would date this event to at least 9,400 bc, some 12,400 years ago.

Fantasy city, Futuristic city, Lost city of atlantis
Fantasy city, Futuristic city, Lost city of atlantis from

Atlantis is a fictional island that was first described by plato some 2,400 years ago. He was also the founder of the first institution of higher learning. Where is atlantis the lost city?

Around 360 Bce, Plato Told The Story Of Atlantis.

The relevant passage reads as follows: The atlantis motherland book, and the newest research by The quick story of atlantis goes something like this:

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For all the important part of what i have to tell is dependent on her favor, and if i can recollect and recite enough of what was said by. The time is 360 bc, the dawn of western civilization. Plato said atlantis existed about 9,000 years before his own time, and that its story had been passed down by poets, priests, and others.

N P Lato ’ S Timaeus And Critias, The Description Of The Cults, Myths, And Religion Of Both Prehistoric Athens An D Atlantis.

Plato's cautionary tale was based on a real setting. (this is an extract from the complete account given later, critias 113c ff., in which the greek word nesos is translated “[now] sunken land” not “island,” as in. Sitchin proposes it is an anunnaki craft on a silo.

A Drawing Etched Onto A Gold Plate Presented To King Tutankhamen Made By Nubian Goldsmiths.

Where is atlantis the lost city? Click to enlarge plate xv situation of the island of atlantis, according to the ideas of the ancient egyptians and the description of plato. The lost city of atlantis.

A Wealth Of Ancient Thought And Knowledge Which Sprang Forth From The Famous Scholars Of Plato’s Generation Was Recorded In The Dialogues By Plato.

The island nation was alleged to be an imperial superpower in the ancient world, possessing over 10,000 chariots and a large number of bulls and elephants. The names of the kings descended from poseidon in plato’s account of atlantis parallel those of cain and his sons, as elucidated here. In plato’s atlantis story enki became poseidon, the ruler of the atlantis.

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