May 21, 2022

Leader Line In Engineering Drawing. • if possible, dimension lines are aligned and grouped for uniform appearance. The leader line should terminate in an arrowhead or dot.

Engineering drawing notes_b Elements and principles
Engineering drawing notes_b Elements and principles from

Imported dimensions from the part are displayed in black. Var line = new leaderline(startelement, endelement, {hide: // the leader line is never shown until the button is clicked.

It Could Be Straight Or Curved, But With No Dot Or Dashes Within It.

Representing visible outline and edges. This line is basically used for dimension, extension, projection, leader line, etc. These lines are drawn to make the section evident.

One End Of The Leader Terminates Either In An Arrowhead Or A Dot.

A harder pencil should be used, such as a 2h pencil. // the leader line is never shown until the button is clicked. Text is extended from this shoulder such that the text height is centered with the shoulder line.

(B) Dimension Lines Show The Direction And Extent Of Dimension.

Thick continuous line _____ it has a stronger outline than the thin continuous line. The first dimension line should be approximately 12 mm (0.6 in) from the object. A type b line (thin, continuous, straight) going from the instruction to the feature.

Spot The Beginning And End Points.

In front of plane of projection; They are preferably drawn at a 45° angles. Dimension, projection, leader, hatching type lines must be drawn thin and continuous.

The Line Which Connects View To Note Is Known As;

Let’s see what types of lines used in engineering drawings. Leaders are used to connect numbers, references, or notes to the appropriate surfaces or lines on the drawing. They are generally used as thin lines.

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