May 28, 2022

Duramax Block Heater Amp Draw. If you are going to run 50' or so, its a good idea to step up. The heater draws 1kw or 1,000 watts.

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Given the 7.8 amps and the 120.5 volts i figure the heater at 940 watts. All they do is time the on/off time according to outside air temp. In the morning, the temperature on my cts starts at 85 to 105 degrees and warming begins at 3 am.

If You Are Going To Run 50' Or So, Its A Good Idea To Step Up.

Does anyone know the watts and amp draw of the coolant heater on an 08 duramax ? The glow plugs can draw up to 110 amps with cycle times up to 3 mins. #3 · sep 30, 2009.

There Is A Factory Gauge That Indicates 160.

How many amps does a ford block heater draw? Current draw is 3.5 amps. Looking to get a generator to run the coolant heater when i'm not around an outlet (in the winter).

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A new cord or heater must be purchased if the current one is broken. #5 · mar 8, 2006. It shows about 6.4 amps on the cheap ammeter that i used this morning and it shows 7.8 amps on a little better ammeter that i used this afternoon.

I Put This Together, In Hopes It Will Answer A Few Questions For Some.

4.5 out of 5 stars. Pulls 15 amps at 1800 watts so you need at least a 20 amp breaker. The intake air heater can draw 130 amps at 100% duty cycle for up to 10 mins.

How Many Amps Does A Duramax Block Heater Use?

Running at full blast it pulls 3.5 to 3.7 amps. My '05, 8.1l has a factory engine block heater and it draws 392 watts. Secondly, how many amps does a duramax block heater use?

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