July 2, 2022

Civil 3D Draw Order Not Working. The _f is a passed parameter to the function call. After objects are edited, they are automatically displayed according to the correct draw order.

Array command Autodesk Community
Array command Autodesk Community from forums.autodesk.com

Do one or more of the following: Set a ucs in the infraworks model that is compatible with the coordinate system that will be used in the autocad civil 3d drawing. This also means that you have merge turned off at the plotter.

In The Drawing, Move The Objects That Are Supposed To Appear Above The Hatch Object Somewhere To The Side (To Some Free Area For Example).

Above objects moves the selected object above the specified reference objects. You might have to change the draw order of the image to be able to view other objects. This setting also turns off draw order inheritance:

Display Order Not Working Anymore.

[1] turns on the default draw order of objects: When preparing to exchange objects between an infraworks model and an autocad civil 3d drawing, it is recommended that you use the following guidelines when setting coordinate systems and units: Ability to export feature lines, parcel segments and survey figures as 2d and 3d polylines;

The Typical Workflow Would Be Using Geometry Or Data From The Autocad Environment Or An Excel Spreadsheet As An Input In Your Dynamo Graph.

Also, this is different than the normal civil 3d message that says 'the drawing has not been saved yet.' reinstall of the integration module fixes this, but the issue comes back. [3] provides full draw order display. One comment on “ autocad civil 3d tip:

The Drawing Must Be Open And Active Prior To Opening The Dynamo Interface.

Make a copy those objects and place the newly copied selection on top of the hatch object (place them on their original location), then delete the older, displaced objects. New objects that are created from another object using the commands listed below are not assigned the draw order of the original object. First time opening draw order there will be a message:

Previously, The Export Civil 3D Drawing Command Did Not Work Perfectly.

All autocad layers are automatically together in the entry map base but can be separated if necessary. The _f is a passed parameter to the function call. Specifies the objects for which you want to change the draw order.

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