May 25, 2022

Arrow Length For 28.5 Inch Draw. Assuming the bow has an amo speed rating of about 235 fps (typical of most moderately aggressive bows on the market right now), this bowhunter will be getting speeds of around 275 to 300 fps. For every inch of draw length above 30″, add 10 ft/s to the ibo value.

Dual Purpose Arrow and Steel Ball Compound Bow with Draw
Dual Purpose Arrow and Steel Ball Compound Bow with Draw from

If they are too long then the spine strength becomes compromised affecting the flight and rigidity of the arrow. A draw arrow is an arrow that has all. A thumb rule for selecting a comfortable arrow length is to draw an arrow to the maximum that you can and measure the distance between the nock of the arrow to the bow riser.

You Will Notice That Thy Don't Ask What Your Draw Length Is, Just Your Arrow Length.

I guess it comes from shooting flipper and prong rests for many years where a hickup in the draw or a gust of wind would blow the arrow off the rest. Your amo arrow length with a newer bow would be about one inch shorter than your draw length (3/4 actually). I like that arrow length but only for the reason i hate having razor sharp blades right over or even behind my hand.

For Every Inch Of Draw Length Under 30″, Subtract 10 Ft/S From The Ibo Value.

But your arrows might not have to be 30 inches, either. The right answer is to cut them to the length that creates the proper spine for your setup. For example, if you have a 29 inch draw length bow, you’ll need an arrow with a 29 inch shaft.

Which Is One Inch Past The Contact Point Of Your Rest.

However, your arrow length can be longer if you need to weaken the spine of your arrow. There are a few different draw lengths that shooters can choose from, and each one requires a different arrow. However, if you have a 26 inch draw length bow, you’ll need an arrow with a.

15 Ilf Riserextra Short Short Medium Long Extra Long.

Your fingers should never be up and out in the way of the arrow. Draw length is the distance from the deepest grip of the throat to the nock point plus 1.75″ at full draw. How heavy should my arrows be?

They Should Be Loosely Curled, Maybe Lightly Touching The Front Of.

Recommended drawlength cx, hex5 and hex6to 26 24. On the other hand, arrow length is the distance of the arrow shaft. My other answer was probably not 24 lol.

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